Features & Benefits

The Real-Time Intelligence You Need

The myPlant* 2.0 remote monitoring and diagnostic solution lets you improve the availability, reliability, operating performance, and maintenance effectiveness of your Jenbacher gas engines from GE.

GE’s myPlant 2.0 enables remote resolution of over 50% of the common issues experienced on Jenbacher engines, including some trip scenarios. This translates into measurable annual savings!


Predict and Prevent

myPlant 2.0 connects your asset to GE’s Remote Monitoring & Diagnostics (RM&D) Center to provide data to GE’s experts for analysis and trending. Using advanced analytics, this service enables improved availability, reliability, operating performance and, maintenance effectiveness.    

myPlant 2.0 provides a “predict-and-prevent” Industrial Internet-based suite of digital-based solutions to support your reliability needs and help reduce your unplanned downtime. Operational technologies include proactive updates and backups of plant-related software, and performance analytics to help predict component life and proactively plan service outages.

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Harness the Power of Predictive Data

  • Increase asset knowledge with convenient, 24x7, Internet access to data trending and analysis.
  • Improve assets with real-time data trends, engine messages and fleet analytics.
  • Lower maintenance costs from predictive maintenance recommendations, based on performance, condition and analytics.
  • Decrease downtime with data-driven OEM expert recommendations from GE.
  • Draw actionable insights from real-time data to improve operation and maintenance.

myPlant* 2.0 will be available on a subscription basis for the advanced features starting on November 1st, 2015. After this date, you will still have access to your asset visibility. However, fleet management and advanced diagnostics will only be available to subscribers* after November 1.

*Some limitations apply.

Reduced repairs

More than half of incoming service events on Jenbacher gas engines can be solved remotely with the help of the operator’s staff.


Avoided costs

For example, shutdown times of six to eight weeks on a 3.3 MW engine could trigger an income shortfall of about $160,000 (depending on feed-in tariffs and downtime).

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Tools & Resources

Whether you want to optimize your plant or simply get in touch with us, GE offers a wide range of tools that can help.


See it in Action

Our videos can give you an in-depth look at our products, solutions, and how we work with customers just like you.

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